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10 top tips for working from home

Just started working from home? Here are our 10 top tips for being most productive. Set an alarm and get up as you usually would. Without someone watching the clock you can so often be guilty of tapping the snooze button to much. Explain to friends and family you are working from home, not taking […]

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Whats the right website platform for me?

There are numerous solutions on the market offering plenty of features so sometimes choosing the right platform can be a bit of a mine field, learning later it doesn’t support your future needs after adopting and investing in it. Brochure Sites For basic brochure websites there are plenty of options on the market, from drag […]

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What should I do about Malware?

As a business I suspect everyone has heard of malware and are constantly warned about it. However, to many businesses it still feels like something that happens to others and they don’t consider the very real business risks. A businesses website is targeted by hackers hourly, looking for out of date software or easily guessed […]

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Choosing the right domain for my business

The market for domains is hugely competitive, back in the day you could have several businesses all called the same in different states and no one knew any different. Today, when you google your business name multiple businesses using the same name space can clutter the results and your chances of being found by your […]

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