Whats the right website platform for me?

There are numerous solutions on the market offering plenty of features so sometimes choosing the right platform can be a bit of a mine field, learning later it doesn’t support your future needs after adopting and investing in it.

Brochure Sites

For basic brochure websites there are plenty of options on the market, from drag and drop products like WIX & Weebly, developing a few pages independently through a web developer or using the most basic features of WordPress.


For Blog Based websites we would recommend WordPress using its core functionality. WordPress is ideally suited to managing a blog based websites.


For ecommerce you have really three options and the choice depends on size and functionality:

  1. Shopify, great for people just looking to sell a few simple products online – quick, simply and does what it does.
  2. WordPress/Woocommerce, great for people looking to sell more complex products online, integrate to other services more easily and future proof the growth of their business. Simple to update and maintain yourself.
  3. Magento, great for enterprise level stores £5mil+ with dedicated IT staff to manage the website and carry out updates.

We recommend WordPress/Woocommerce allowing our customers to future proof themselves as they grow.

If you need help deciding what is the right platform for you? speak to our team today.

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