What the Marketing companies don’t want you to know! Part 2

top-secretNow you are visible in Google you need to “measure” the return you are getting from your efforts to make your website more visible. For all our development clients we recommend and usually setup Google Analytics.

The process is pretty simple from the most complex website to the simplest.

Step 1, register your website with Google Analytics

Go to and use an email account registered with Google to login.

Go to “Admin” and you will be presented with three sections, under Account select “Create New Account”

Under “New Account” complete all the details about your website this includes:

  • Your Account Name (this is your reference)
  • Your Website Name (this is your reference)
  • Your Website URL (for example:
  • Your Industry (for example: Internet and Telecom)
  • Reporting Time Zone (for example: United Kingdom GMT +00:00)

The select “Get Tracking ID” and accept the terms and conditions

Step 2, adding the Google Analytics tracking code to your website

If you develop the website yourself you will be familiar with the snippet of code Google now presents you with and know where to put it so wont dig into coding in this post.

However for the purposes of this blog we are going to assume you are using WordPress and talk you through the steps to implement on your WordPress website.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard in most cases and login.

Go to “Plugin” and “Add New” then search for Simple Google Analytics and select Install Now. Once installed simply activate the plugin.

Now go to “Settings” and “Simple Google Analytics Settings” and in the second box down which says Google Analytics ID paste your tracking code that Google generated for you in Step 1.

Step 3, give it some times!

Google Analytics starts tracking from the day the Tracking ID is added to the website, and has roughly a 24 hour delay before it displays within the reporting.

What we recommend to our clients is to give it a Month to enable Google Analytics to gather some useful statistics about your website and provide information that can enable you to understand your visitor’s habits where they come from, what they look at and how long they spend.

Then you can start tweaking your website and where you advertise!

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