10 top tips for working from home

Just started working from home? Here are our 10 top tips for being most productive.

  • Set an alarm and get up as you usually would. Without someone watching the clock you can so often be guilty of tapping the snooze button to much.
  • Explain to friends and family you are working from home, not taking time off. So often friends and family see you being as home as great time to pop to the shop, beach or go for a day out.
  • Plan out your days, if you are more focused in the mornings schedule in those jobs that require concentration in first thing, and schedule calls in the afternoon and admin end of day.
  • Watch the clock and stop when you are done for the day, too often when working from home you can slip into bad habits working night and day. Work life balance is essential as well as a good nights sleep.
  • Setup a dedicated space to work from, you don’t need an office but a desk and chair in a corner is good practice keeping that areas seperate from the family area.
  • Take a lunch break, being home it’s a great opportunity to snack throughout the day. Instead schedule a lunch break and sit down and have a meal with the family.
  • Keep active, when your day consists of moving from bed to desk to sofa you can get pretty stagnant. Take a 10-15 min break during the day and go for a short walk or do some yoga.
  • Ensure your setup works smoothly, when you are under pressure internet drop outs, laptops hanging and phones not working will dramatically increase your stress levels. Work with your IT departments to ensure your kit is setup and working to the best of its ability.
  • Turn off your TV, while in the office you put up with the constant background conversation and get on with your day, turning on your TV and flicking from screen to TV is a whole new level of distraction.
  • You are not alone, your clients, suppliers and colleagues all have people sitting at home isolated it’s never been a better time to pick up the phone or face time someone rather than sending that email.

If you following these simple tips, working from home should become easier and more routine.

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