Choosing the right domain for my business

The market for domains is hugely competitive, back in the day you could have several businesses all called the same in different states and no one knew any different.

Today, when you google your business name multiple businesses using the same name space can clutter the results and your chances of being found by your clients.

When choosing a domain it is important to check ALL available top level domains (TLDs) ideally you would want to secure the .COM however if someone has registered but not using the .COM you might be ok with a .US, .UK or other TLD depending where your business is based. From a brand point of view, it’s important to check where all registered TLDs go, in case one points at an undesirable site that may mistakenly tarnish your brand.

When choosing a domain consider how you are going to provide it over the phone. An extremely long domain or one that includes hyphens can be extremely difficult to verbally communicate.

When choosing a domain, once you have found a domain you like and is available search it on google and see what comes up? You may purchase a domain but find the names used as a brand or product name by a large conglomerate destroying your chances of owning the name space and reaching first page on search results.

When choosing a domain if you are a new business OR an established business you should remain flexible to changing the business name and brand based upon domain availability and what exists within the name space on google.

When choosing your domain consider your brand. If there are 12 other businesses all using the same business name across various TLDs there is massive opportunities for confusion, if one of those businesses does something awful that negative exposure could affect your business too.

So, as a new business we always suggest before building a “brand” start with your domain. Look at what your business does and what keywords are relevant then using our domain lookup see what’s available. Before purchasing any domains check the name space on google see who else is using the name, and finally test it out over the phone and see if someone can correctly note it down. Once you are happy with your domain choice, we recommend you purchase the core TLDs (.COM, .NET, .INFO, .BIZ, .US, .UK, .EU) to avoid squatters later sitting on your domain.

Still not sure which domain is right for you? Speak to our team and we can suggest available options for you and your business

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