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Last year we informed you about the changes being implemented by Google and being adopted by many of the popular internet browsers. This update pushes down the listings non-HTTPS sites and informs users that your site is “insecure”.

What does this mean for me?

Basically if you have a website and it doesn’t have an SSL certificate, you aren’t able to browse it using the HTTPS extension, which means you will be disadvantaged OR presented as “insecure” to your clients. For anyone wanting to promote a website this makes an SSL certificate essential.

We are not a fan of the sell it cheap and load them up with add-ons business model, we believe in the “KEEP IT SIMPLE” approach and therefore with all hosting packages we are now including a FREE SSL Certificate for the primary domain.

Same great price, same great service but more free stuff!

That’s great, so can I cancel my current SSL certificate?

The answer is possibly and we are happy to discuss your specific situation with you. In some cases you may need to maintain your existing certificate a few examples of this but not all are listed below:

  • I have a wildcard SSL as I have multiple sub domains
  • I have an online shop with PCI compliance and need extended protection
  • I have an EV SSL (as the green bar gives my clients comfort)
  • I have multiple domains associated to one account and need them all to be protected.

Okey, I’m ready to use my free SSL what do I do?

Simple, login to cPanel, goto “SSL/TLS Status” and if your primary domain isn’t already protected select “Run Auto-SSL”. You can then access your website using the HTTPS extension, however you might need your web developer to tweak the code to force visitors onto the HTTPS version of your website.

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