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.INK Domain Registration

Tattoos are a global expression, native to all continents, as old as ancient civilizations, and used to signify a variety of meanings. As a digital hub for this artistic, ritualistic, and cultural medium, .INK provides a unique, identifiable namespace large enough and flexible enough for the tattoo industry, including shops, artists, enthusiasts, scholars, and .INK […]

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.SHOP Domain Registration

.SHOP can be used by e-commercial storefronts, but it can also benefit businesses that don’t conventionally sell products online, and are looking to expand into the online market. By adding a .SHOP web page to a current website, businesses like restaurants, museums, tour guide companies, and music venues that sell a service, but also market […]

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5 Tips for securing your WordPress business site

Update, Update, Update and Auto-Update WordPress is constantly evolving, so daily there can be updates/patches and fixes. One of the most common ways hackers attack WordPress websites is targeting out of date versions of WordPress, plugins or themes. There are ways to auto-update WordPress core and associated plugins and theme. We use WordPress manager that […]

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Businesses

Are you considering or just setup a hosted WordPress solution? or are you reviewing your existing website to ensure it has everything it should? either way these are our top 10 plugins every business should have installed on WordPress Contact Form 7 Almost every website has a contact form on it somewhere, either on the […]

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Organising your website Content

One of the biggest mistakes people make when setting up their websites is the organisation of there content. It initially makes sense until it comes to promoting their brand and marketing their products. So what should you consider when setting out your content: Product/Services On many occasion we have been asked to promote a clients […]

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New Two Form Factor Authentication

Our clients security is of paramount importance to us, that is why we have now added Two Form Factor Authentication to our client accounts. Using Googles trusted 2-Step Verification solution available on both Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile. To enable, login to your client account and select ‘Security Settings’ from the drop down menu, then […]

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