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Get your free .UK Domain

For a limited period, you have a .UK domain waiting for you in your name; register it for free today. Do you currently own a .CO.UK domain? Do you want your matching, shorter .UK domain. FREE for ONE YEAR* using code: FREEUK .uk Why Register your .UK Domain? New Shorter, Easier Domain Less characters for […]

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.EMAIL Domain Registration

Universally recognized and understood, support your business with a .EMAIL domain extension. The .EMAIL domain extension is great for individuals, families, customer support companies, online email providers, and hosting companies. .email

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.INK Domain Registration

Tattoos are a global expression, native to all continents, as old as ancient civilizations, and used to signify a variety of meanings. As a digital hub for this artistic, ritualistic, and cultural medium, .INK provides a unique, identifiable namespace large enough and flexible enough for the tattoo industry, including shops, artists, enthusiasts, scholars, and .INK […]

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.SHOP Domain Registration

.SHOP can be used by e-commercial storefronts, but it can also benefit businesses that don’t conventionally sell products online, and are looking to expand into the online market. By adding a .SHOP web page to a current website, businesses like restaurants, museums, tour guide companies, and music venues that sell a service, but also market […]

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