Organising your website Content

One of the biggest mistakes people make when setting up their websites is the organisation of there content. It initially makes sense until it comes to promoting their brand and marketing their products.

So what should you consider when setting out your content:


On many occasion we have been asked to promote a clients products or services, we have come across some really awkward approaches to presenting a product or service on websites which makes it a little painful when marketing. We recommend each product or service have their own dedicated page which combines elements such as product details, photos, case studies, call to action and social sharing.


In some cases businesses have products and services suited to specific industries or sectors, in this case it is useful to have dedicated landing pages for each of the industries which link to the relevant product/services. These dedicated industry pages should contain sector relevant information, case studies and imagery with a call to action.


Writing posts as part of a content marketing campaign is essential, but its also essential to ensure that titles are relevant, featured images are set to ensure when posts are shared on social media they look great and ensure you have social sharing buttons so visitors can let everyone know about your content.

Your Company

Many people like to group content in the “About Us” section, which seems to make sense when drafting the content in word. However when it comes to engagement one page isn’t great. A good example of this is with “meet the team”, rather than having these on a slider or a single long page create a profile per team member and link to them from a single page.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Its actually a term that means different things to different people and has a huge spectrum of engagement. However if you are doing some great stuff for Charity, then have a dedicated page where you can talk about it. When talking about your charitable engagement you can link to this dedicated landing page.


Overall when considering your approach to content, think how you might want to share/link to that content? Overtime you might find different content/approaches but we believe this will put you in good form moving forward.

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