Technology never sleeps & neither do we!

We are pleased to inform all our clients over the bank holiday weekend we have implemented a series of improvements to our services.

  • Bandwidth, we have dramatically increased bandwidth increasing limits by ten times what they were with our basic package now offering 25GB of data transfer a month.
  • Processors, we have added two additional processors to each of our servers allowing the servers to do more actions at once delivering results quicker.
  • Disk Drives, we have moved our storage volumes from SATA (7.5k drives) to SAS (15k drives) doubling the speed the server can access your files and display them to your visitors.
  • Packages, we have introduced a new ‘standard package’ on all hosting and email services costing just £4.99 a month for 500MB of disk space and 50GB of bandwidth.
  • Resellers, we have also launched our new reseller range, allowing web developers and small web hosts to offer the same great service to their clients starting from just £22.50 per month for more information on our reseller services visit:

Keep it simple, to enable clients to easily transfer existing hosting and domains to us we have introduced the easy transfer option, simply complete our easy transfer form and we shall take care of the rest, keeping you informed each step of the way. To begin the easy transfer process visit:

Love our service? we would love to give you something back and that is why we are promoting our affiliate scheme you can earn 30% from every new customer you introduce from domains to design to learn more about out affiliate scheme visit:

So what’s coming next?

Currently we are busy working on several new products and services as well as improvements to existing ones, which we are looking to launch over summer. So what should you be expecting to see?

  • New dedicated server range
  • New virtual private cloud server range
  • New hosted telephone solutions and hardware
  • Improved FTP backup solutions
  • Improved .UK domain management
  • Improved PropertyAdmin solution for estate agents

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