Deciding If You Need A Mobile Website

mobile siteThis is the era where people prefer performing any task at any time and from anywhere. Pertaining to the busy lifestyle of the people, the access of mobile internet has greatly increased. The mobile revolution is hyped as a result of the most efficient smart phones, tablet phones and other mobile devices that enable people to access the net through mobile internet. It is a fact that if you have a mobile website, you have a better reach.

As most of the businesses go mobile, some people might still have this question in mind – Do I really need a mobile website? If you look from the competition point of view, the obvious answer is ‘Yes’. The answer also depends on the nature of the website and on some other important factors like the stage of the business in life cycle, turnover, revenue model etc. It is also important to consider how well the product / service would fit into the mobile paradigm.

Here are some factors that will help you to decide if you should get a mobile website done:

Checking The Facts

One of the biggest revolutions in the web development industry these days is the creation of mobile optimized websites. The fact is that a person who visits your website through a mobile device might have different priorities as compared to the other visitors. You have to cater to these needs with a more precise website layout that is perfectly displayed on a mobile screen. This certainly makes sense! For instance, consider that you have a standard version of an online store website. If a person who is traveling visits your website in order to make a purchase within a short span of time would be disappointed and annoyed if the website is not displayed properly and if he / she is not able to locate the desired option. This person will immediately switch to some other online store website that has a mobile version as well. You lose a customer right away!

On the other hand if you have a mobile website in place, people will find it convenient to access it on the go and make a purchase right away. If you aim at enhancing the convenience of the people accessing your website, it is important to have a mobile website.

Increase In Mobile Users

Everyday we come across new and efficient versions of mobile devices, smart phones and tablets. These devices have simplified the lives of the people to a great extent. With the 2G and 3G technology, browsing internet through mobile devices has become a fast and a simple process. People can look up whatever they want in the mobile internet. People prefer accessing the mobile internet while on the go. It is a fact that one-third of the world’s population utilizes their mobile devices for searching on the internet. If you don’t have a mobile website, you are losing out on a wide range of people who might prefer to access your website through their mobile device.

Developing Customer Loyalty

If you have both, an efficient standard website and also a convenient mobile website, then you will be able to provide people with a great browsing experience. If a person visits your mobile website and quickly finds what he is looking for, his purpose will be served. If browsing convenience is provided, people will remember your brand name and they will make sure they keep coming back to your website. Having a mobile website that people can browse any time and from anywhere they want is a great factor in creating and enhancing customer loyalty.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

With a mobile website, you get the advantage of ranking higher in the search engine results for the local searches that are performed on the mobile devices. Therefore, if people search for your type of products / services through their mobile device, your business will get featured higher in the search results because you have a mobile website.

Gaining A Competitive Edge

Even now, there are many businesses that have not thought about creating a mobile website. However, this is the right time to create a mobile website as the number of smart phone users and tablet users is on the rise. By getting a mobile website done, you will be able to tap into the huge potential of the people who prefer browsing internet through mobile devices and thereby create your mark in the competitive world. By having a mobile website, you surely get an advantage over your competitors who don’t have one.

Social Media Reach

Through a mobile website you have better chances of creating a great online visibility. You can incorporate the social media buttons in the mobile websites. People who use smart phones are always connected to the social networking websites. If they like your mobile website, they can immediately connect with you through the social networks.

In order to survive and create a distinct identity, it is surely crucial to have a mobile website. So what’s different in a mobile website? What are the important factors that you should be considering while creating a mobile website? The fact is mobile device users want to quickly locate what they are looking for and they are not game for a complicated website that consumes a lot of time and effort.

Here are some important mobile website design considerations:

  • Make sure that the text is readable
  • Preferably have one column of information instead of having many columns
  • Ensure that minimal clicking is required to browse through the options present in the website
  • Prioritizing the display of the information must be done by checking the most visited pages on your standard website
  • Incorporate clear visuals that don’t clutter the website so that visitors can quickly find what they are looking for
  • Incorporate the prominent social networking website buttons

Getting a mobile website done is going to be an important asset for your business in the long run. Today, the mobile internet usage has exceeded the internet usage through desktops and PCs, this is a great indication to establish an impressive mobile website. Having a website that people can quickly access will also help you to generate more sales because people will get the convenience of browsing and making transactions. Setting up a mobile website is a great way of creating happy customers and thereby enhancing the brand loyalty. It is important to ‘change with the trend’. The decision of getting a mobile website done will definitely provide you success in leaps and bounds.

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