Team Green is at it again!

As a hosting company, we are the worst at always leaving our servers on, in fact we get complaints when they go off! But seriously, the data centres we use are chosen for their Green efficiency, the servers we use are chosen for their low power usage and low heat generation. In the office, we don’t use paper or printers and when we aren’t tapping away supporting clients or building websites we turn off our computers.

However while being as “Green” as possible, we like to do our part for the environment and every year at this time we offset our Carbon usage for the year with The Woodlands Trust enabling them to grow acres of tree’s keeping the environment healthy for years to come.

But being BeDot, we had to go above and beyond! We weren’t happy other people planting our trees, so we went out and collected acorns and conkers from around the Suffolk countryside and have started our own Tree nursery, hopefully next year we can take these saplings and plant them at a local conservation centre which will allow us to track their growth over the years.

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