Understanding Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and its Benefits for SME’s

Posted by Robert Appleton Customer Relationship Management

Customer retention is becoming increasingly hard with competition growing. In order to improve customer retention, businesses need a robust customer service strategy which can drive customer engagement. Since most SMEs have limited availability of resources, it is common practice to have a single employee perform multiple roles. Things, however, have been changing with businesses adopting …Read More

Setting Up Your Business to Trade Overseas

Posted by Robert Appleton

Every business looks forward to a better reach for creating a strong brand presence. From the big corporate giants to the start-ups, everyone is searching for business development opportunities abroad. There are various business advantages of setting up a business that is accessible from any part of the world. The international business spectrum covers many …Read More

Deciding If You Need A Mobile Website

Posted by Robert Appleton

This is the era where people prefer performing any task at any time and from anywhere. Pertaining to the busy lifestyle of the people, the access of mobile internet has greatly increased. The mobile revolution is hyped as a result of the most efficient smart phones, tablet phones and other mobile devices that enable people …Read More

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