About us

The Company

BeDot Media Group is a limited company started in 2007 and based in the East of England.

Using the latest technology we service businesses and government organisations worldwide, offering our clients help and technology needed to answer their technological needs. Our dedicated UK team provides hands on support and is available to speak to you in regards to your services, offering a full digital consultancy service.

We began simply offering our web design service, as we grew a greater need to host the websites we designed became imperative.

In 2009 we incorporated business strength cloud hosting solutions for our clients, this provides the reliability to ensure your website is always available. This improved loading speeds and provides client to this day with some of the best hosting solutions available.

In 2012 a series of large acquisitions allowed the company to become VAT registered, a Nominet registrar and offer an even wider range of solutions to our clients.

The Technology

Our servers are located in Blue Square Maidenhead, which is one of the top data centers in the UK. The data center operates 2 x 10Gigabit networks from Extreme and Foundry Networks.

In addition to this, our operation of 2 independent IP transit networks, which run from several Cisco servers at multiple London facilities. Blue Square also offers us a fully redundant BGP network, which consists of two separate hardware vendors.

This enables us to provide redundancy both in the network and hardware levels. This technology enables us to provide true redundancy to every client.

The Benefits

Offering a full range of solutions, friendly, professional, and UK based customer services; it's easy to see why we continue to grow. Some of the benefits of signing up with BeDot are:

  • Secure, reliable and regularly backed up servers
  • 24 hour dedicated client support
  • Scalable and affordable packages
  • Environmentally friendly solutions
  • Supportive Google partner
  • Support of the latest mobile devices
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed

BeDot are the choice provider for the discerning business.

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