Adding Google Analytics to Wordpress

This simple guide will enable you to setup Google Analytics and install the addin within your Wordpress Website.

  1. Goto and login using a Google registered email account
  2. Goto "Admin", then under the accounts column select the drop down and select "Create new account"
  3. Enter the name of your company, your website address, industry etc and select "Get Tracking ID"

  4. You will then be presented by a piece of code an a number in this format: UA-XXXXXXXX-X
  5. Now goto your Wordpress Admin panel and login using your normal credentials
  6. Goto "Plugins" on the left hand side and select "Add New"
  7. Search for "Simple Google Analytics", it should be the one at the top of the list, and select "Install Now"
  8. Once installed, goto "Settings" on the left hand side and select "Simple Google Analytics Settings"
  9. Using the number generated Earlier in Google Analytics, paste the UA-XXXXXXXX-X into the boxed marked Google Analytics ID then save changes.

Now wait 24 hours to start seeing the full activity on your website.

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